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Adventures for Alopecia: With an affinity for travel and a love of Latin America, Skylar has dreamed of a motorcycle trip from the USA to Argentina for years. But he wanted the trip to be bigger than himself. To have a greater purpose. Riding a motorcycle a few thousand miles across continents is one thing, but changing lives along the way. That’s the real goal.

Having lost all of his hair as a teen, Skylar was introduced to life with Alopecia and exposed to the first-hand emotional tolls Alopecia has on people especially women, children, and young adults. So he did some research on Alopecia in Latin America… and found nothing in the way of support. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease affecting all races and sexes around the world yet support and awareness efforts are isolated to a few first-world countries. Adventures for Alopecia aims to change that, and they are starting in Central and South America. They are working with the few support groups that exist throughout Latin America to sponsor sustainable support events. They are educating the international public about Alopecia, and They are supporting Alopecia treatment research.

After this inaugural adventure for Alopecia, they will sponsor adventures for other people with Alopecia to regain their confidence and identity through adventure and travel. What started as a dream to explore and experience the various Latin American countries, has become more than that. Through these efforts, they hope to change the lives of people around the world living with Alopecia.

Adventures for Alopecia Mission

Increased Support
Men, women, and children with Alopecia should feel comfortable without their hair. Support plays a big part in helping people with Alopecia regain their confidence, maintain a positive outlook, and overcome this emotional pain caused by this condition.

Awareness & Education
Increased public acceptance and understanding starts with education. We need to educate the public about Alopecia.

More Research
People with Alopecia need a treatment option that isn’t detrimental to one’s health.

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