Africa Development Promise

About Africa Development Promise

Africa Development Promise believes that collective action and enterprise are proven pathways for empowering rural women achieve their economic goals. In fragile rural economies, small, single-owned enterprises tend to fail because the individual cannot bear to take the risk alone. This is especially true for women who also lack access to inputs, training, credit and markets that they need to gain social and economic independence.

With programs in Rwanda and Uganda, Africa Development Promise, begins with agriculture because it is a way of life in Eastern Africa, and over 70 percent of the rural women rely on subsistence farming for food security and employment. They find that building on knowledge leads to success which becomes a stepping stone for further success that generates confidence and momentum. Furthermore, as East Africa’s increases agricultural investments and moves toward market based approaches, they want to ensure that women farmers are poised to take advantage of new value chain opportunities.

Africa Development Promise moves women farmers from food for subsistence to food for business using the cooperative model of enterprise. To promote economic empowerment they have adopted a multi-faceted approach to address the concerns of women farmers. Chief among them is access to sustainable and affordable water and electricity.

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