Brynn Children Home

About Brynn Children Home

Brynn Children Home is a non- governmental and non- profitable Organization working for underprivileged children- Orphans, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable groups. This is a home with ample of love and Affection towards Orphan and abandoned children. Some of these children have lost their parents to uniquely painful situations. Brynn Children Home traces these children through pathetic stories published in News papers, reported on TV channels and some abandoned by parents because of socio-economic reasons and left with no family, no home and no hope. Brynn Children Home embraces such children and moulds them into happy, healthy and self-confident ones.

Their mission is to change lives of such children- by providing long term care. This includes the basic needs education and healthcare and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens. Brynn Children Home was commenced with an obvious and distinct intention of serving the deprived and disadvantaged children of the society irrespective of religion, caste, community, tribe and gender.

History of Brynn Children Home

Reverend G. Danamaiah and his wife G. Sarah a loving couple started Brynn Children Home in 2007. Reverend G. Danamaiah, a Pastor came from a rural background during his up downs in Gooty town was moved by the plight of Orphan and vulnerable children and forced to take a decision when a girl child of 4 years old named Rama Tulasi, who lost her both parents in a pathetic death was brought to him by the local people.

Slowly the number increased to 20 children accommodated at Brynn Children Home. Reverend G. Danamaiah, from childhood was inspired by the service rendered to the people by greatest personalities like Mother Teresa, William Carey, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and he made up his mind to follow their path by serving mankind. His thoughts when shared with his likeminded friends, relatives and family members evoked positive responses and with their support and service Brynn Children Home was established. Brynn Children Home is not an impulsive thought. it has taken years to shape up to what it is today. It has not started as an Institution, but has slowly grown into one.

Over the years Brynn Children Home has made remarkable progress. The children at Brynn Children Home today are confident, well-mannered and polite- very different from where they had their beginnings, which were insecure, scarred and unsure of every facet of their lives. Now they are enjoying their childhood.

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