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About Dream Out Loud Productions

Dream Out Loud Productions (DOL) is a Los Angeles based non-profit independent film company. They specializes in true stories about people and events, focusing on social and human rights issues. DOL Films is dedicated to the creation of media projects that touch hearts, transform attitudes and foster positive change. Their goal is to deliver compelling films that will inspire audiences to get involved in the issues that affect us all. They are committed to making a difference in the world we live in. Academy Award winning Founder and Director, Louise Hogarth, has worked across many genres including documentary, feature film and PSAs. Her work includes projects for such major studios as Universal, Paramount and Disney.


Ubuntu (uu-boon-tuu) is a Nguni Bantu term roughly translating to “human kindness.” It is a philosophy from the Southern African region and is often translated as “humanity towards others”.

Dream Out Loud Productions makes films that educate and move viewers to social action. Your gift enables Dream Out Loud to produce and distribute, documentary films that address and offer solutions to some of the most pressing issues we face today.

Their film will specifically promote the use of Bitcoin by showing crafters in Africa receiving their wages and buying products using bitcoin. Their aim is to show people how easy it is to incorporate the new cryptocurrency into their daily lives.

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