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Forgotten Animals

About Forgotten Animals

Forgotten Animals founded in 2011 by a Russian-born trader Anna Kogan Nasser, Forgotten Animals became the first international organisation to work in towns and regions of Russia. Unlike in the main cities Moscow and Saint Petersburg, animal welfare community there was virtually inexistent.

After getting a full picture of the scale of animal abuse, stray problem and lack of private or public organisations actually doing something about it, Anna decided to put her career in trading on hold and dedicate her life and resources to raising animal welfare standards in former Soviet countries. Instead of merely fighting the consequenсes, the approach is to target the root causes of the problems, whilst using Western animal welfare expertise and knowledge and understanding of local culture and mentality.

Since then Forgotten Animals, a registered charity in both UK and Russia with only 2 paid employees and over 60 volunteers spread across the former Soviet countries, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Australia has carried out or directly supported projects in 60 cities across 5 countries, and counting. We have come a long way and managed to extend our reach to help wild and captive animals as well.

Today, Forgotten Animals closely collaborates with a number of animal welfare organisations around the world in order to bring positive change, one animal at a time.

Forgotten Animals Mission, Vision and Goal

Mission: To save as many animals as they can from despair in countries where animal welfare education, rights and resources are most deficient.

Vision: A more responsible and accountable society where animal rights are protected and upheld by law.

Goal: To help people see animal welfare with new eyes, so they can become the driving force behind the societal change.

Forgotten Animals will not stop Until:

  • The rights of all animals are respected, protected, and upheld by effective legislation.
  • All companion animals have a home where they live a dignified life, free from abuse and neglect.
  • Overcrowded animal shelters where animals suffer in atrocious conditions are outlawed.
  • The number of wild animals in captivity is reduced to the minimum and, along with the private ownership of wild exotic animals, is heavily regulated.
  • Baiting stations, animal circuses, travelling zoos and dolphinaria are banned.

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