Geo-Environmental Resource Association (D)

About Geo-Environmental Resource Association

Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS) is a Cameroonian Geo-Environmental and Ecological Association that is non-profit making, non denominational, charitable, development orientated and apolitical in nature.

GERAS, specifically referred to as GERAS Cameroon was founded in 2011, obtained its non-profit making status and went operational in 2013. GERAS Cameroon is a dynamic team dominated by Geologists, Geographers, Biologists, Information and Communication Technology ICT Experts, Geo-Spatial Information System Experts, Chemists, Educationists, Journalists and other specialists; called up to validate the Association’s Missions and Visions.

Geo-Environmental Resource Association Cameroon has been vetted nationally by the Civil Society Strengthening Program of the Cameroon-European Union Corporation, and internationally by the Global Giving Foundation and One Percent for the Planet. GERAS has developed good partnerships nationally in Cameroon and internationally; and is still looking out for more partnership opportunities. You are welcomed to be a long term partner of GERAS if we share similar visions, values and approaches

Geo-Environmental Resource Association Mission

Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS) mission is to ensure that humankind lives in harmony with the other living and non-living components of the environment.

GERAS Cameroon works in carrying out massive sensitization on the need for environmental protection, and partnering with like-minded organizations to share ideas.

GERAS Cameroon envisages a World in general, and Cameroon in particular where every human being is conscious about his or her role in environmental protection.

GERAS Cameroon works in three Regions of Cameroon with Primary School Children, Secondary School Students, Government Agencies, other Non Governmental Organizations and the local community in the domain of environmental education and conservation actions.

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