About Greensteps

Greensteps: How it works in 3 steps:

  1. Monthly community clean-ups: Their community cleanups are designed to give the public an opportunity to come together and pick up litter around trails, parks, open spaces, neighborhoods and city limits. Their cleanup events always include prizes and free food for those who participate and on average, they have about 50-80 participants per event. They can discard anything from large items to bags of trash that were collected by their volunteers. Community events are imperative to the program because they emphasize the need for personal and communal interface with nature, in addition to creating a space for volunteers to be more involved with Green Steps.
  2. Trash Stations: Their stations give people the resources they need to pick up and throw away litter. Each Station includes a trash bag dispenser and trash bin. The bags are as big as a grocery bag and are of biodegradable quality. Each bag is worth 4 points and every mile walked is worth 1 point. After participants fill up their bags with litter, they are then instructed to fill out a log form at the station, which is then collected by Green Steps. They then contact each participant and send them a prize.
  3. Educational outreach programs: They believe that the solution to this pervasive problem goes beyond just picking up litter, which is why we have launched their educational outreach program. The goal of this program is to teach kids about the environmental and health hazards of littering, through interactive lessons. They also do outreach days at local hangout spots, where they talk to the public about why it’s important to keep our parks, neighborhoods, city and recreational spaces litter-free. Afterwards they challenge them to pick up a small bag of litter for a local prize.

Greensteps Misssion

Greensteps mission is to educate, encourage and enable the community to come together and eradicate litter around popular trails, parks, open spaces and city limits. They focus our efforts on community engagement and incentivizing the act of throwing away litter.

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