About human-I-T

human-I-T began its journey in 2012 when co-founder James Jack overheard a conversation that would change the course of his life. James’ manager advised a customer to discard his virus-infected computer and purchase a new one.  Knowing that computers are fraught with toxic, hazardous materials, James was taken aback at the thought of a reusable device being tossed in a landfill.

That conversation served as inspiration to start human-I-T. Alongside colleague Gabe Middleton, James began human-I-T as not only a place where reusable technology could be repaired rather than scrapped, but to connect newly repurposed devices to end users lacking access to technology.

Gabe and James subsequently opened an electronics repair shop in an office the size of a storage closet. Their mission was to raise money to launch their new enterprise, dubbed human-I-T a name combining their IT experience with their team, AND those they hoped to serve. The two gradually expanded from their tiny space to a full-scale warehouse operation in 2013. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and donors, human-I-T has grown into a multi-facility operation with a team of 50. human-I-T continues to disrupt the e-waste/ recycling industry today, a global industry worth $40 billion by 2020. human-I-T has grown exponentially since its 2012 launch.

From Computers for a Cause to human-I-T

Technology has the power to transform lives. If you own bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you are likely well aware of that. By donating a portion of your bitcoin earnings or cryptocurrency to human-I-T, you can ensure vulnerable populations have access to computer hardware and affordable internet. Your charity will enable impoverished individuals to tap into opportunity where it lives today – online.

Each donation of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency helps human-I-T take in excess technology (“e-waste”), repurpose it, and donate it back to those in need. The objective is straightforward: less technology waste and more people with technology. Use your crypto to give someone the same access to technology that empowers your success.

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