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About ONETrack International

ONETrack International promotes proper orphan-care solutions by encouraging their Transition to Home approach to family reunification. They work to uphold, introduce and train globally-recognized international laws and standards that protect an orphaned child’s rights to be raised by biological relatives, or other suitable providers, within their communities of birth in situations where it is practical and appropriate.

They advocate and practice these principles at both the community and global levels by supporting and advising organizations that work with parentless and vulnerable children around the world.

The ONETrack International team has ten-years of experience in alternative orphan-care techniques, having initially proven their approach a success with their groundbreaking CameroonONE In-Home Sponsorship projects. Through ONETrack International, their new global child advocacy project, They are able to share the CameroonONE-solution to parentless children in different communities around the globe by creating new programs and supporting the ongoing operations of organizations that already practice the Transition to Home methods of family-preservation and reintegration. They have also begun advising community-based organizations on international laws and standards as well as on contemporary and innovative orphan-care methods.

At the village-level, ONETrack will continue to provide for orphaned children by removing them from their overcrowded and under-resourced orphanages and placing them in the households of biological family members and providing for all their education, health needs and caretaker support and in a conflict context, They will be providing for separated children by keeping the remaining family members together and removing them from collective institutions, such as refugee camps to private homes.

ONETrack International Vision

Their Vision is a world in which all orphaned children have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family, receive proper educations and healthcare, as well as one in which orphanages and international adoption are reserved as an important function for those cases without other options.

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