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PTSD Veteran Athletes

About PTSD Veteran Athletes

PTSD Veteran Athletes was established to provide a positive change for veterans of the military struggling with P.T.S.D. and/or depression. PTSD will engage veterans in outdoor sports, using highly-qualified instructors and coaches to assist veterans in gaining the necessary skills to advance and progress in an outdoor sport of their interest and choosing.

The long-term goal of PTSD is to empower veterans to overcome personal struggles attained through the military and break the habits that hold them back from successfully reintegrating back into civilian life. This is accomplished by utilizing outdoor sports to form a new connection with like minded individuals who share a common passion in life.

PTSD Veteran Athletes Misssion

The idea and mission of Professional Transformation Sports Development (PTSD) was conceived in 2012 by founder Russell Davies. Russell was recently relieved of military duty in 2011, and within a year, he had discovered kayaking to be a source of relief and rehabilitation in coping with post-military life. In establishing himself as a recognized athlete in the extreme kayaking community, he learned that outdoor sporting is as reliant on its community as it is on the activities themselves. Since coming to this realization, he’s shaped his passion and focus around sharing the benefits of outdoor recreation with veterans of the U.S. Military also inflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression. The Board of Directors for PTSD is comprised of colleagues sharing similar interests and passion in the benefits of therapeutic sporting.

After losing several close friends that had suffered from P.T.S.D. to suicide, Russell decided to make an effort to help the large community of veterans impacted by the condition. Seeing the benefits of outdoor recreation on P.T.S.D. first-hand, Russell wants to encourage veterans to work towards discovering hope and possibility in post-military life. The outdoor sporting community holds a unique fellowship, similar to that which is experienced while serving in the military.

PTSD Veteran Athletes is confident that by reaching out to veterans and showing them the possibilities of this lifestyle and community, they can make a tremendous impact on their lives.

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