About Tidepool

Tidepool is a nonprofit organization committed to providing free software for the diabetes community to get the most out of their diabetes devices.

Tidepool Loop is hybrid closed loop system for your iPhone and Apple Watch currently in development by Tidepool. Based on the do-it-yourself Loop app, Tidepool Loop will be FDA-reviewed and officially supported by Tidepool. It will work with commercially available insulin pumps and CGMs.

Tidepool Mission

Their mission is to make diabetes data more accessible, actionable, and meaningful for people with diabetes, their care teams, and researchers.

Their commitment is, first and foremost, to the diabetes community
Many of Tidepool live with or care for someone with diabetes, and all of Tidepool are passionate advocates. They believe that together, their data is stronger and more meaningful. They are  working to empower the next generation of diabetes innovation.

Being an open source project provides a level of transparency that keeps us accountable to the diabetes community and the broader healthcare industry. This means everything about how they work — their code, their regulatory quality system, and their project and product management tools — are all open to the public.

Tidepool is supported by public foundations and private grant-making foundations like JDRF, the Goldsmith Foundation, and the Helmsley Charitable Trust, as well as individual donations. Along with grants they receive, the revenue they generate from dataset licensing and their Software as a Service (SaaS) model for researchers and diabetes innovators allows them to provide free software to people living with diabetes and their care teams.

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