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Amsterdam, March 2019

Donate a Bit revolutionizes philantrophy

AMSTERDAM – Donate a Bit is a new platform whereas donors can donate to chairity organizations by using Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies. By using blockchain technology it is now possible for donors to keep track of their donations. Also donors can see to it that their donations are received in full by those intended.

Currently fundraising organizations are hardly making use of the possibility to collect cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. As this is a new way of fundraising the possibilities are numerous for the charity organizations as well as their target groups. provides a platform which makes this possible.

In principle Bitcoin stands for a ‘new world order’. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are more than just a new way to make quick money. They will change the world in the long term. Bitcoin is revolutionary and has the potential to function as a global currency independent from the financial system as we know it, Bitcoin was designed to make the world a more transparant, fairer and equal place.

Anyone with a smartphone or computer can use this new digital money. Not only in the western world, but also in the developing countries around the world. Bitcoin and other cryptcurrencies can be traded but can also be donated to people in need and charity organizations with little expense. Imagine a world where you can help every person in need with the touch of a button. Donating Bitcoin is a great way to express your compassion regardless of who and where you are. Bitcoin does not discriminate on the basis of borders, religion, race, gender or social status.

About Donate a Bit

Initially Donate a Bit will serve as a platform whereas donors are given the opportunity to donate cryptocurrencies to a charity of their choosing. Subsequently, Donate a Bit intends to develop and implement these applications for charity organizations themselves. Our aim is to create more transparancy concerning the charity industry by using this new blockchain technology.


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