Here you can find all projects of a good cause of care which can be donated with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin allows donators to give back in an anonymous way, while still allowing them to keep track of their donation and what it’s used for.


Manchester Central Foodbank

Manchester Central Foodbank was founded in 2013 by a group of students connected with the Manchester Universities Catholic Chaplaincy who… Read More

2 years ago

Willow House

Willow House is a non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of grieving children and their families. They are recognized as… Read More

2 years ago


ShareHope offers a platform that connects donors and donees easily and free of charge. This is made possible by their… Read More

2 years ago

Lava Mae

Lava Mae is a San Francisco–based nonprofit that delivers mobile showers and other critical services to the street, where people… Read More

2 years ago

Last Door

Last Door opened its doors to in 1984. For 35 years their recovery community of certified counsellors, support workers and… Read More

2 years ago

Adventures for Alopecia

Adventures for Alopecia: With an affinity for travel and a love of Latin America, Skylar has dreamed of a motorcycle… Read More

2 years ago

Quantum Leap Farm

Quantum Leap Farm exists to improve quality of life and cultivate human potential through equine-assisted therapies. They believe in the… Read More

2 years ago

PTSD Veteran Athletes

PTSD Veteran Athletes was established to provide a positive change for veterans of the military struggling with P.T.S.D. and/or depression.… Read More

2 years ago

Pets of the Homeless (D)

Feeding Pets of the Homeless is American national organization focused exclusively on feeding and providing veterinary care to pets of… Read More

2 years ago

Heifer International (D)

The core of Heifer International model is Passing on the Gift. This means families share the training they receive, and… Read More

2 years ago

Zam Zam Water

Zam Zam Water is a humanitarian organization devoted to playing a vital role in eradicating poverty by providing clean, sustainable… Read More

4 years ago

Global Impact (D)

Global Impact is a leader in growing global philanthropy. The organization builds partnerships and raises resources that help the world’s… Read More

5 years ago