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Orangutan Outreach

Thanks for the support again! Much appreciated.

Best wishes, Rich {:(|}


Richard Zimmerman | Executive Director | Orangutan Outreach

human-I-TIt was such a sweet surprise to see the Bitcoin filter in. Thank you so much for supporting human-I-T through your platform.

The mission that you are after is crucial. We truly believe that the crypto world can be leveraged for social good. We appreciate your work on this front and look forward to Donate a Bit’s continued growth.

Eileen Harris | Vice President of Development | human-I-T

Wild MeThank you!

We very much appreciate your contribution!


Jason Holmberg | Executive Director/Director of Engineering | Wild Me

The Water ProjectThanks so much for your support!

We’re excited to be a part of this.


Peter Chasse | Founder & President | The Water Project

Humanity RoadThank you for the donation made Humanity Road in July. We very much appreciate the support provided by
Christine Thompson | President | Humanityroad

Khan AcademyThank you for thinking of Khan Academy and a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Karla Gonzalez | Individual Giving | Khan Academy

Sea ShepherdGreetings!

Thank you for your email and for your support of Sea Shepherd! We truly appreciate your passion for the oceans and your donation!

Thank you again!

For the oceans,

Jeffrey Gondella | Gift Processor |Sea Shepherd

Orangutan OutreachHi,
Thanks for reaching out … and for sending us a donation. Much appreciated!
This is actually the first bitcoin donation we’ve received.
We’d love to bring more attention to orangutan conservation among the crypto community.

Best wishes and thank you again! Rich {:(|}

Richard Zimmerman | Executive Director | Orangutan Outreach

Peduli Anak FoundationThank you for your continue support.

Warm regards

Chaim Fetter | Founder | Peduli Anak Foundation