Donate Bitcoin through Donate a Bit explanation

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Donate Bitcoin through Donate a Bit explanation

All donations are initially received in the Bitpay account of the Donate a Bit foundation. Once a Quarter these donations are transferred to the charity organizations. Before transferring we contact these organizations to make sure that their bitcoin wallet is still available and that they have still access to it.

As we are not an intermediary, our aim is that all cryptocurrency donations are directly transferred to the right organization. However, some organizations only have a wallet address on their website and don’t have a Bitpay account yet.

We do not always know whether these organizations have access to their wallet. In these cases organizations will receive their donations by a percentage of the total amount that Donate a Bit receives per month. See chart below.

We prefer and encourage that these organizations eventually switch to Bitpay so that we no longer function as an intermediary.

Why we recommend Bitpay

Donate a Bit is an independent foundation. However, we do recommend using Bitpay for several reasons. As we are a small foundation with limited resources it is not possible for us to check every charity organization whether they operate legally or not. Bitpay is a well established and trustworthy company which has the needed resources to do so.

Bitpay has the following advantages:

  • Easy integration. integration. BitPay provides donation buttons and hosted donation pages for your organization on our site for no additional costs.
  • No price volatility. volatility. As the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash can vary, Bitpay makes sure that your organization will receive exactly what your donors give.
  • Keep donations in your local currency. currency. Keep your accounting simple by using the currency of your choice. BitPay offers USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and five other currencies.

For more information please visit the donation page

Donate Bitcoin through Donate a Bit to:

Donate Bitcoin directly to:

  1. To cover the expenses of the Donate a Bit foundation, 10% of the donation amount will be transferred to the foundation with a maximum of $ 3,000 per month when using the Donate a Bit button. These expenses consists of administrative-, hosting-, marketing costs etcetera.
  2. In order to keep our donations to the charity organizations straightforward, we do not make complex calculations. We calculate the percentage of the amount with one decimal and transfer the calculated amount the next month.


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