Fifteen ways to donate Bitcoin to charity this holiday season

Fifteen ways to donate Bitcoin to charity this holiday season

The holidays are coming, and as bitcoin has increased in value, many crypto-proponents are donating their funds during this year’s “season of giving.” There’s a whole lot of charitable efforts and causes accepting bitcoin this year, and we’ve hunted down a wide variety of nonprofits for your convenience.

Every year people donate to charities across the globe but during the month of December, well over a quarter of the world’s annual donations are given to nonprofits. Further, the last three days of the year see the most giving, as those three days represent 10 percent of the funds donated every year. This year, now that bitcoin has reached new all-time highs and is currently valued at roughly $18,900, bitcoiners are giving more satoshis than ever before. For instance, Fidelity Charity who accepts bitcoin raised over $22 million worth of BTC this year, eclipsing all the other years prior. Since it’s the season of giving we decided to aggregate a list for our readers of well known charitable causes that accept bitcoin.

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