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About HKwalls

HKwalls is a non-profit arts organisation that aims to create opportunities for local and international artists to showcase their talent in Hong Kong and internationally through the mediums of street art and street culture. They celebrate creativity, originality and freedom of expression; actively work on connecting and building relationships with artists, the community and organisations worldwide through high-quality public art, while making the creative process accessible to all.

HKwalls holds an annual street art festival in Hong Kong during Hong Kong’s art month each March, as well as year round programming that focuses on artists’ career development and raising awareness through the arts.

Support HKwalls

As part of the HKwalls annual festival, each year they facilitate 30-40 public murals, hosts exhibitions, numerous workshops, public film screenings, talks and other events and activities related to street art, graffiti, murals, and the culture, all open and free to the public. Outside of the festival, they hold one off exhibitions, outreach workshops and murals, collaborate with other organisations, and are currently developing local and international artist residencies. All of these things take a tremendous amount of time, money, tools and equipment. To date, the majority of their support comes from corporate sponsors who share their vision and most of the funding is focused on the HKwalls festival. However, with more independent funding they can develop more and stronger year round programming.

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