Rolda (D)

About Rolda

Rolda is a non profit organization who tirelessly work to provide humane solutions to the huge homeless dog problem in Romania. They currently care for over 650 dogs in two shelters, located in the south east of the country. Rolda also helps the poor communities who struggle to look after their pets responsibly.

From running dogs shelters to organizing sterilization and education programs, Rolda provides humane alternatives in dealing with the dramatic animal overpopulation issues in Romania. They actively encourage everyone they assist and work with to find responsible, humane, and sustainable solutions when dealing with issues affecting their furry friends.

Their dedicated staff and international supporters are taking action on many fronts, right now. Working tirelessly Today for a healthier and safer Tomorrow.

Rolda Mission

Rolda works tirelessly to build a world free from homeless, unwanted animals that suffer terribly on the streets. A World where each dog and cat has the opportunity to form a strong, lifelong bond with their human companion. A World where wild animals are neither exploited, nor abused, and do not have their natural environments destroyed. They believes that our future planet must be a healthy planet, and a place where all people and all animals live together in harmony.

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