Sustainable Family Communities

Sustainable Family CommunitiesSustainable Family Communities

Economic, Family and Community Development

About Sustainable Family Communities

The Sustainable Family Communities business-based model uses food-producing commercial businesses to create thousands of jobs for the poor, with training, fair wages and benefits, in locations where there is extreme poverty.

The Community businesses are continually replicated by reinvesting all profits from each business to create more businesses that do the same thing – an unyielding reduction of extreme poverty.

The effects of poverty are the main cause of children being put in orphanages. By reducing poverty and facilitating development of poverty-free Communities, they reduce the number of children being orphaned.

They also help children who have been orphaned to get adopted into families that have been qualified by the state to adopt.

Sustainable Family Communities Mission

To donate, where needed, our research, design, experience and guidance to implement a sustainable, business-based framework and services that reduce extreme poverty and the number of orphans in a community. They empower local citizens to build job-creating commercial-sized, organic, food-producing businesses with training, fair wages, benefits and opportunities for ownership – an Economic Engine that uses its profits to continually replicate itself creating more jobs and development of poverty-free Sustainable Family Communities.

Sustainable Family Communities



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