East African Playgrounds

About East African Playgrounds

East African Playgrounds is a charity, focused on East Africa, primarily Uganda. Children need to play to access their childhood, allowing them to gain all the developmental benefits that play has to offer giving them the tools for future success.

East African Playgrounds strives to ensure every child can access their right to a childhood and that no youth is left without the skills to develop.

East African Playgrounds take an innovative child-centred approach to education and use the power of play to transform the lives of children through their play programs.

Working with disadvantaged young adults, lacking formal education, East African Playgrounds provide apprentice programs to develop young people’s skills, knowledge and experience to enter the work place with a trade, skill and greater confidence.

A dynamic, fast growing charity that in the past 10 years have become the leading play-based charity in East Africa, resulting in their impact being recognised by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Sport.

By taking a collaborative approach, their beneficiaries in Early Childhood Development centres, Primary schools and Child Friendly Spaces in refugee settlements benefit from a holistic approach to their development, creating wide enjoyment and impact from their high quality, fun, safe playgrounds and interactive play training programs.

East African Playgrounds Vision & Mission

East African Playgrounds Vision is to ensure that all children enjoy their childhoods through the opportunity to play and learn, contributing to bettering their future opportunities.

East African Playgrounds Mission is to provide play facilities and play training for communities, helping children to gain the most out of their childhood.

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