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End slavery by 2020

About Human 2020

Human 2020 is a solution based initiative focused on ending human trafficking in the United States and around the world. As an open source initiative, those who understand the key principles are encouraged to develop similar initiatives through civil society and the private sector.

Their initiative leverages its platform and partnerships to:

  • create strategic awareness around human trafficking;
  • broad-base existing counter-trafficking solutions;
  • facilitate the work of effective individuals and organizations committed to ending modern-day slavery;
  • address the supply and demand side dynamics of the business of human trafficking.

Human 2020 Misssion

Their initiative is a civil society movement based on the global pledge by the world religious leaders of all faiths in 2014 to end human trafficking by 2020. As the single humanitarian issue agreed upon by all faiths in the world and universally declared as an unmitigated evil, “a disgrace to God, a dishonor to humankind” the

Their initiative is a platform for those who want to see an end to trafficking to become an active and engaged part of the solution. Human 2020 is a trademark of Street Kids Worldwide. Their initiative is based out of Austin, Texas, with a growing network of individual and organizational partners.

Human 2020


Human 2020
2105 Pennsylvania Avenue
Austin TX 78702
United States

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