Vote The Ocean

About Vote The Ocean

Vote The Ocean is a project of the Ocean River Institute that connects donors and advocates with specific community-based opportunities to practice stewardship, save wildlife and protect ecosystems with environmental education, science, and conservation.

Vote The Ocean is an innovative approach to addressing the issues facing our ocean. They are pragmatic in their thinking and we’re driven to inspire a movement for better solutions by:

  • Working in collaboration with businesses, nonprofits and lawmakers. We’re all in this together. If we want healthy oceans and clean beaches, we’ll need to work together
  • Fostering innovation by bringing entrepreneurs and investors together to scale solutions
  • Inspiring people to take action through creative storytelling

We’re all in this together and the only way to solve the issues facing our ocean is step by step and tale by tale.

Vote The Ocean Mission

They are not here to tell you how bad things are for our ocean because you already know that. They are here to share with you what you can do about creating a healthy ocean and what others are doing about it. Every single day each of us has an opportunity to make choices that can help protect our ocean.

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